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On the Crosshair Music platform, playlist curators and content creators get paid to listen to new music, review songs, and keep their playlists fresh with new tracks.

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Influencer Requirements

Influencers who meet these standards are integral to Crosshair.

Playlist followers or Invite Only

Minimum Required Followers

Minimum Twitter Followers

Requirement Minimum Channel Subscribers

Crosshair Elite Program

A rewards program where 20 of the most engaged influencers will receive special perks as a thank you for their engagement with our artists! These influencers have been selected because they are the most involved, the most passionate about working with musicians and the most excited about promoting undiscovered music.

  • 3x the current influencer pay rate.
  • Perks from Crosshair artists (tickets, merchandise, swag, etc).
  • Support in growing your playlist or channel.
  • Unique affiliate links to earn revenue share from Crosshair campaigns.
  • Social media shout-outs from us and our partners.


Crosshair Music has the right to refuse or reject influencers as we see fit for our service. Minimum follower requirements are a guideline and final decision is made at the discretion of our influencer team. For more information please email [email protected]

Influencer FAQs

  • How does the payment process work?
    Payments are made through Paypal. You receive a portion of the artists campaign fee for every review you complete.
  • Am I required to add every song I review?
    Nope! You are required to listen, review, and leave feedback on the track. You only add the songs that you love for artists that you want to support and play for your followers!
  • What types of music do you send to me?
    We only send the genres of music you select on your channel profile. Crosshair has a variety of genres of music including Pop, Rock, Alternative, Classical, Hip-Hop, R&B, Country, World, Americana & Roots, Electronic, Christian/Religious, Punk, Soul, Metal, Indie, Jazz, and Instrumental.
  • Can I use a song on one of my other playlists or channels?
    Yes! If a song you review is exemplary, or if you believe it will resonate with your listeners, you are encouraged to add it to any playlist you see fit. Let the artist know where they can find it!

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