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THE Mission

 Affordably connect musicians directly to the playlist curators and social influencers who can help grow their audiences.

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    Independent Spotify Playlisters

    On Crosshair, independent playlist curators help promote you by adding music they like to their popular playlists. This increases your visibility on streaming platforms and can help get your music recommended to more users through 'Discover Weekly'.

    Social Influencers

    YouTube, Instagram, & Twitter influencers partner with Crosshair to find the best new tracks for use in their original content. This can be a powerful promotional tool for musicians to get in front of large groups of new fans!

    Industry Tastemakers

    Crosshair features a growing list of industry tastemakers ready to take good music to the next level. These tastemakers include bloggers, music supervisors, and content creators spanning different industries.

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    We are the most affordable and transparent solution available to independent artists. Send an email to [email protected] with any questions or inquiries!

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    $ 250

    Single Package One-Time Fee One Campaign Custom Promotion Influencer Feedback Campaign Support

    $ 420
    Gold Record

    Gold Package One-Time Fee Two Campaigns Individual Song Profiles Custom Promotion Influencer Feedback Campaign Support

    $ 630

    Platinum Package One-Time Fee Three Campaigns Individual Song Profiles Artist Profiles Custom Promotion Influencer Feedback Campaign Support

    The FAQs


    Will you listen to my music for consideration?

    • The best part about our platform is that it's open to all musicians to utilize for promotion. We want the promotion to be organic and our influencers are not biased towards any artists. They choose to work with the music they love!

    How many influencers will review the song?

    • We strive to have each submitted song reviewed by 50-75 Crosshair influencers. This number may vary based on selected genres and campaign parameters.

    Do you pitch the music to the playlists/channels?

    • We do not pitch the songs personally to the influencers. Our web app takes your music based off the genre you have chosen and sends it to all applicable influencers. Once they receive the song they review, rate, and decide whether or not the song is perfect for their playlist/content. They get a portion of the campaign price simply for reviewing the song.

    What happens after I purchase the song promotion campaign?

    • Congrats on joining Crosshair! Now that you've purchased your song campaign you are ready to complete the campaign profile. Follow buttons on the dashboard to 'ADD CAMPAIGN', fill in each step of the campaign page and click 'CREATE'. Once you click CREATE your campaign will automatically be matched with the influencers who are interested in hearing your genre and style of music.

    Does Crosshair work for all genres?

    • Crosshair can work for any genre of music at any point. We have had our best results with the most popular genres (Pop, Electronic, Country, Indie, Rap) due to the number of those playlisters that we have.

    Do you guarantee my song will be on Spotify's curated playlists?

    • Because the decision for a song to be added to a playlist or channel is 100% up to the influencer, we can not guarantee any placements. We can only guarantee that influencers will hear, review, and comment on what they hear. The results will vary. Also, we work with independent Spotify curators, no employees from Spotify or official Spotify Playlists.