Refund Policy

Due to the subjectivity of influencer opinion and personal ownership of influencer channels & playlists, Crosshair will not issue refunds on the basis of poor song performance alone.

Our process for refunding campaign fees involves the following steps and analysis:

  • We require that each campaign run for a minimum of four weeks. This allows us to verify that our influencers have been given a sufficient amount of time to respond and act upon their promotional decisions.
  • We require Crosshair clients message  each “interested” influencer.
  • Refunds will be issued on a case-by-case basis.

After the four week review period starting from the launch date of your song campaign a request for refund may be submitted if you remain dissatisfied with campaign results.

The Crosshair Music Team will issue a refund if any of the following criteria are observed:

  • After four weeks time the amount of reviews, both positive and negative equals less than twenty qualifying influencer responses.
  • Technical issues on the Crosshair Music Platform prevent influencers from engaging properly with a song campaign.
  • Five or more “interested” influencers fail to promote the track according to given feedback and set platform expectations.

Campaigns may be eligible for a full or partial campaign credit to submit a future campaign if they experience three or more “interested” influencers who fail to promote the track according to set platform expectations.

One Crosshair influencer promoting a song to their listed playlist or channel deems a song campaign and client ineligible for a full refund.

For any questions regarding our refund policy, please email [email protected].