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Recently AWAL wrote an article titled, “4 Secrets to Closing More Playlist Pitches”. Inside this article they talk about how to appeal to playlist curators and increase your chances of placement . The discussed methods include vamping up artist social followings, optimizing streaming accounts, and linking content in order to help Spotify algorithms find your music. 

The article is insightful in many ways and the strategies put forth by AWAL are strategies that Crosshair Music puts into place every day. Crosshair is a tool for submitting your songs for usage to digital influencers, such as Spotify playlisters, YouTubers, Instagrammers, etc. 

Utilizing A Social Buzz

Social media and streaming platforms are complimentary and should be used in tandem to increase your fan following. Artist accounts and profiles on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are great to direct your fans to your streaming profiles. 

Having an active social media strategy is more than a great idea, it’s a necessity in today’s music industry. It keeps your existing fans primed for music releases and allows them to share content to their extended networks. 

One unique benefit to using the Crosshair Music platform is that it offers it’s artists the ability to pitch music to social media influencers, music supervisors, and bloggers in addition to playlist curators. Coordinating an influencer marketing campaign on Crosshair is simple and can help generate fresh, shareable content, exposing your music to a whole new group of potential fans and followers.

Developing artists may not have a massive budget for radio, a PR campaign, or the traditional marketing tools, so developing your social media presence is extremely important. Along with press highlights, more people following your social media profiles indicates to streaming services that your music is solid and deserves attention.

Like mentioned in the AWAL article above, this can also sway a playlist curator to get onboard and promote your song. 

Social influencers on platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube can create content and directly link followers to your streaming profiles. Influencer marketing is a strategy that has been adopted by brands throughout these platforms and can grant needed exposure to artists that capitalize on the opportunity.

Understanding Playlists

In order to understand how Spotify’s algorithm can promote your music, you’ve got to first understand the two categories of playlists. One category is the Editorial Playlists and the other is User-Generated. 

The editorial lists are those curated by Spotify staff members, major label partners, blogs, or brands. They are highly followed and typically featured favorably on the platform when users search for new music. Most of these playlist curators are unaccessible and, on top of that, extremely selective of the music they add.

The other group of playlists are referred to as User Generated Playlists. These lists have been created by users of Spotify. They have amassed a large following based on the mix of music or mood as well as the engagement of their listeners.  These playlists typically have between 1 and 150,000 followers and vary in terms of engagement. 

Algorithm Exposure

While the Spotify editorial playlists can drive thousands of streams and monthly listeners to your song in a very short amount of time, the playlist adds are rare to come by without the proper network in place. 

User generated playlists work hand-in-hand with Spotify’s discovery algorithms to help recommend your music to listeners with a similar tasted in music. 

The Discover Weekly playlist for example, has the ability to drive as many streams as an editorial playlist. Each user gets a fresh Discover Weekly playlist each week and it is determined by which songs you listen to or skip, and which user playlists you follow. In short, this means the more User-Generated Playlist adds an artist can secure the more a song is exposed to similar users who are likely to not skip the song. 

There are two types of algorithmic playlists that are getting traction on Spotify and driving tremendous music discovery for developing artists. The first is Discover Weekly, a weekly playlist delivered to every subscriber on Spotify that looks at your playlist collection as well as users with similar listening habits and generates a playlist of music that is primarily of developing artists. Release Radar and Your Daily Mix function similarly. Since rolling out, more and more people are discovering new music of developing artists and adding them to their own playlist.

The other type of algorithmic playlist is the Fresh Finds playlists, which scours the internet for music shared on social media, in music blogs, and on non-Spotify owned “tastemaker” playlists. Tastemakers are playlisters with a high number of followers whose playlists have low skip rates (well curated!) and highly shared, and thus is a trusted source for new emerging music.

Lucky for independent artists looking for Spotify promotions, Crosshair Music has done a great job of partnering with hundreds of User-Generated Playlist curators to help us promote the best indie music. Through our platform, we put your music into the ears of playlisters and influencers that want to promote the next wave of great musicians. Check out our website at and give your music a true audience. 



Trying to promote music online through Spotify to no avail?

Playlists are the key to your streaming success. 

There are two types of playlists that are found on Spotify. On one hand you will see user generated playlists. Individual users create these playlists for different genres and moods. On the other hand lie the Spotify curators playlists. These are created by an editorial team that Spotify employs. Take a look at how Spotify determines their Discover Weekly playlists.

Getting your music featured on enough user generated playlists is a great way to get your music noticed by Spotify! According to recent RECODE article, “Spotify has more than than two billion playlists, most of them created by Spotify’s users. But the service also features a handful of prominently featured playlists, which can help lift a song, and the artist behind it, from obscurity.” 

This is what being on a big-deal Spotify playlist looks like, in chart form: Here’s performance data for five independent artists — Guordan Banks, Michael Brun, Elohim, R3hab and Verite — after getting a push from Spotify playlists like “New Music Friday.”These artists generally see a boost of 50 percent to 100 percent once they get on Spotify-sponsored playlists; even after those spikes wear off, the artists often see a 20 percent increase in their streams.

Help playlisters find your music.

Unfortunately, not every artist gets the nod from Spotify to be on a curated playlist. From this point the best strategy to replicate these results is to get on user generated playlists. Therefore, the best way to promote your music online to these people is through our service Crosshair music. Crosshair is a web application to connect artists and playlists to promote music online through Spotify.



Playlist Curators vs. Discover Weekly Playlists

To understand how Spotify generates Discover Weekly playlists is difficult. However, as a curator it’s important to know that Spotify is already recommending songs to its users, so you can curate your playlist to do this differently.  Here is a great article that dives deep into the formula behind Spotify’s custom playlists. 

For anyone who is not going to read all that information, basically Spotify takes the music that a user listens to and creates a “taste profile”. It then finds all the user generated playlists with at least two of the same songs. After computing through all the playlists, Spotify finds any song that the user has never listened to. If that song matches the users taste profile, it gets added to a list that becomes the Discover Weekly playlist. 

Where do Spotify Discover Weekly playlists fall short for curators?

There is nothing wrong with the Discover Weekly playlist and the music it provides. It’s a quick and easy way for users to find new songs they may like. Although, we think you as a playlist curator can do even more for your followers by digging deeper. It’s no secret your followers want to hear new music alongside songs they’re already familiar with. So why deliver the same music that an algorithm-based or record label-owned playlist can deliver? Bring them relevant new music they’ve never heard before. 

The real advantage over Spotify is in positioning. Position your playlist where the Discover Weekly playlists falls short: undiscovered music. Their algorithms won’t recognize good songs that haven’t been added to tons of other user playlists, but you can. Music that hits the Discover Weekly playlist is already out in front of listeners and already added to user playlists regularly. Using Crosshair you can add the music living in the Spotify “underground”.   


Crosshair is Discover Weekly for your entire playlist.

As a curator you can use Crosshair to stand out and provide something unique to your followers, while also keeping your playlist authentic and growing.  The chance to add undiscovered music to your playlist is valuable, yet finding which music and artists are right for your following is challenging. 

Crosshair is going to be a tool for you to find the best new music for your specific playlist. Once on the platform, we analyze information from your playlist’s data. Using this information we find the artists whose music appeals to a similar audience base. When we find the songs you want, we send them to your influencer profile on the Crosshair platform. 

For listening to 20 seconds of these songs and answering a few questions for the creator of the song, you get paid by us. When you hear a song that is perfect for your playlist, we connect you straight to the artist to discuss promoting each other. 

Use the Crosshair platform and you get paid to discover and support artists who you believe in and truly need the help. Think of Crosshair Music as the Discover Weekly playlist where your entire playlist makes up the taste profile. You will find tons of relevant music for your followers to help keep your playlist fresh and growing.



Adding undiscovered artists to your Spotify playlist.

Discovering an undiscovered artists music (before anyone else) is a gratifying experience for any music lover. It’s so popular among listeners that Spotify has managed to grow their Fresh Finds playlist from under 100,000 followers to 399,000 followers. They’ve been using just this concept of adding what people haven’t heard yet. The playlist titled “Fresh Finds” has music crossing multiple genres. It features only the artists picking up steam in the streaming world. This can be a worthwhile strategy for growing your public playlists. The key here is trying to decipher which artists are on the rise and which are not. Therefore, you should be finding those artists who are actively growing their listener base. 

Which undiscovered music is right for your playlist?

Adding the music of an undiscovered artist to your playlist can be a risk. As a curator, all you have are the songs you pick to represent your playlist and your brand. How do you find songs that align with what your following will want to listen to? While you can’t predict what each individual user will like or dislike, using Crosshair you can discover new artists that bring value to your playlists.

Here’s how:

Crosshair Music, using your playlist’s data, analyzes your existing playlist. Based on which songs you’ve already chosen to add, we determine the demographic of users most likely follow your playlist. For artists we build the same audience profile based off of their existing music and audience. 

When there is an audience overlap, it means there is potential for an artist’s song to be received favorably by your followers. Crosshair will send you the songs that have this overlap directly to your Crosshair Influencer profile. Here you listen for the songs you like and the artists you believe in to add to your playlist. 

Curators like yourself will use Crosshair to discover the music that keeps their playlist fresh and current, while also getting paid along the way to review songs. Check it out.