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Whether your Instagram account is associated with a business or it features content from your own personal life, videos can be a great way to connect with your audience. Instagram allows it’s users to upload 60 second videos. That’s twice as long as the majority of television commercials! By 2019, 80% of the world’s internet traffic will be from video alone. Instagram videos are bite-sized marketing tools that can easily capture the attention of followers. 

Here are three ways to make fresh video content for your Instagram.


Give your followers the chance to get behind the scenes of your account. Chances are your profile is filled with great pictures! Now is the time to start pulling your followers in closer. Let your personality shine through and give people the possibility to see you in your element. Use Instagram as a platform for short video blogs (vlogs). This could be a video depicting “a day in the life” of your daily routine or a quick video of new workouts you’ve tried at the gym. Either way, video is a great way to allow your followers an inside look that will draw attention to your account and help keep them engaged. 


Instagram’s app features include a mini video looping option called Boomerang. This is perfect if you’re not ready to subject your viewers to a minute long video of you lip synching Lady Gaga. It’s also a great way to break up all the still image posts on your account and add some more dynamic posts. Using Boomerang helps to keep your account fun and interesting for your followers and entices them to keep exploring. What are you waiting for?!? Download the Boomerang app.


Instagram is still largely used for entertainment, but more and more accounts are coming onto the platform offering different values to those who follow them. Chef’s are sharing recipes and cooking techniques, fitness personalities share workouts, and make-up artists create unique how-to tutorials. Point being, a great way to use video and enhance your overall image on Instagram is to show your followers what you know! Tips, tricks, and tutorials are all types of content that can be refreshing to discover on Instagram. Especially when it’s relevant to your account objective or correlates to the business you are posting for!



Choose music for your videos using Crosshair.  

The best part about Crosshair as a music discovery platform is that you still have all the same creative capabilities to use music where you see fit for your videos. Crosshair is going to be a tool for you to find the best music for your specific audience. Once on the platform, we ask you simple questions about your channel’s viewer demographic. Using this information we determine who your audience is and what type of music they like. When we find an artist that’s right for your channel, we send songs to your Influencer Profile on the Crosshair platform. 

For listening to 20 seconds of these songs and answering a few questions, you get paid by us. When you hear a song that is perfect for your video, we connect you straight to the artist to discuss promoting each other. Using the Crosshair platform you get paid to discover and support real artists who you believe in. You also get the ability to use hand-picked, royalty-free music that will help you grow your channel. 



The Crosshair team carefully reviews and selects all of the influencers that join our network. We strive to create quality connections for musicians looking to increase exposure and audience reach. All potential influencers applying after January 10, 2017 must adhere to the following platform requirements.

Spotify – individual playlists with a minimum of 200 followers or invite only.
Instagram – accounts with a minimum of 2,500 followers
YouTube – channels with a minimum of 1,000 followers
Twitter – accounts with a minimum 1,000 followers
Podcasts – no current minimum
Music Supervisors – please inquire below
Other Platforms – please inquire below

Any further influencer-related questions can be directed to [email protected]



Crosshair Music has the right to refuse or reject influencers as we see fit for our service. Minimum follower requirements are a guideline and final decision is made at the discretion of our influencer team. For more information please email [email protected]


The Crosshair Team



So you’ve officially finished recording. The album is complete, the live show is rehearsed and now you’re ready to find the best way to promote your music. Where to start?

There are so many options available, but most of the methods fall into one of three categories:

1.  Require hiring a group of people (marketing agency, PR, etc) which can cost you thousands of dollars and require multiple month commitments.

2.  Require spending hours manually promoting your music, person by person.  

3.  Are affordable and speed up your time commitment, but may not be as effective as you hoped they would be.

Innovators that focus on serving musicians have almost solely focused on building new stuff for the music industry. However, they’ve missed a massive opportunity. In 2016, 283 of 420 Grammy nominated artists are independent or signed to independent labels. 

We are going to break down our favorite methods for kickstarting your self-promotion over the next few posts. In this post, we’re going to cover Facebook ads. 

First things first:  Facebook ads are BY FAR the most natural and affordable way to digitally advertise to someone. That’s not even a question anymore. So how can you use them? 

First:  STOP ‘boosting’ posts

Boosted posts are easy ways to spend your budget, sure. They’re the advertising equivalent of impulse buying a candy bar at the cash register. However, if you want to spend your budget effectively, you need to get into the nitty-gritty of the platform. 


Second:  Locate the ‘Power Editor’ section of Facebook ads. 

Open this link and click “Create an ad”. From there, look for a menu in the top-left corner and click “Power Editor”. 

Power Editor is Facebook’s most advanced advertising tool. It’ll let you manipulate everything from the way you target people to what kind of content you use in the ad. Therefore use only this section for launching ads, so get to know it well. 

Third: Set a “lifetime” budget.

When you set up your first ad and Facebook asks you “How much do you want to spend?” type in the total amount that you’re willing to spend. If you choose “Daily” then you might accidentally run up a huge bill, which would not be fun for your promotional budget.


Fourth: Try a Spotify link ad

As you’re setting up your first ad, Facebook will ask you where you want to send people who click on your ad. This requires a link.

Therefore, when you use a Spotify link, Facebook automatically formats the ad to look like this:  


This allows anyone who sees your ad to click the ‘Play’ button and start playing the song right inside the ad. This means the person can hear your song without leaving Facebook. This will help with a lot with naturally growing Spotify plays! 

Speaking of that, you can see here how Crosshair grew Spotify plays on “Candy” for Mitchell Rose


That’s it for this week! If you’re interested in learning more about how to use Facebook ads to your advantage, feel free to contact Will at Gyrosity Projects, our parent company. They’re experts at this and love working with independent artists!

His information is below: 

Will Deisley | [email protected] 


Stay tuned for more tips on how to affordably promote your music!