Branding YouTube Channels With Music Marketing

Music Marketing Case Study – Influencer Alisha Marie 

Alisha is an influencer with 1.9 million Twitter followers. 2.5 million Instagram followers. Also, over 4 million YouTube Subscribers. Her YouTube channel offers DIY projects, fashion videos, life hacks, daily routines, and beauty vlogs. So, we know that her audience demographic is likely female. They are also 12-20 years olds interested in pop culture.

Her fans are outgoing, energetic, bubbly, fashionable, and humorous. Most are middle to upper class and might be seen taking polaroid photos on the beach. They enjoy drinks like the grande iced caramel macchiato from Starbucks. There is a bubblegum vibe that transcends beyond her lifestyle vlogs through consistent use of bright and neon colors.

We sampled 25 of Alisha Marie’s biggest fans to see if any patterns existed in the music they were listening to.

Here are the top five most common artists we found:

  1. Taylor Swift

  2. Hailee Steinfield

  3. Jason Derulo

  4. Ellie Goulding

  5. The Chainsmokers

By looking at the listening trends found within Alisha’s fan base, it is clear there is consistency in the type of music her audience enjoys. In a study conducted at Heriot-Watt University, over 36,000 thousand participants matched their personality type with their musical preference. So, researchers found that those who preferred pop music tend to be extraverted. They are also honest, hardworking, and have high self-esteem.

The consistency between what we know about Alisha Marie’s fan base being outgoing, humorous and energetic mirrors what these studies have shown. Also, the studies remain consistent in our findings of pop artist being the preference among her demographic. Therefore, there is a clear cut correlation between Alisha’s audience and mainstream pop-music. For Alisha this is a great indicator as to the type of music she should be featuring throughout her channel.

The Crosshair music platform is designed to match influencers with the music their audience prefers. We believe this will help to grow their followings, increase engagement, and position their brands among the people who value them the most.



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