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Playlist Curators vs. Discover Weekly Playlists

To understand how Spotify generates Discover Weekly playlists is difficult. However, as a curator it’s important to know that Spotify is already recommending songs to its users, so you can curate your playlist to do this differently.  Here is a great article that dives deep into the formula behind Spotify’s custom playlists. 

For anyone who is not going to read all that information, basically Spotify takes the music that a user listens to and creates a “taste profile”. It then finds all the user generated playlists with at least two of the same songs. After computing through all the playlists, Spotify finds any song that the user has never listened to. If that song matches the users taste profile, it gets added to a list that becomes the Discover Weekly playlist. 

Where do Spotify Discover Weekly playlists fall short for curators?

There is nothing wrong with the Discover Weekly playlist and the music it provides. It’s a quick and easy way for users to find new songs they may like. Although, we think you as a playlist curator can do even more for your followers by digging deeper. It’s no secret your followers want to hear new music alongside songs they’re already familiar with. So why deliver the same music that an algorithm-based or record label-owned playlist can deliver? Bring them relevant new music they’ve never heard before. 

The real advantage over Spotify is in positioning. Position your playlist where the Discover Weekly playlists falls short: undiscovered music. Their algorithms won’t recognize good songs that haven’t been added to tons of other user playlists, but you can. Music that hits the Discover Weekly playlist is already out in front of listeners and already added to user playlists regularly. Using Crosshair you can add the music living in the Spotify “underground”.   


Crosshair is Discover Weekly for your entire playlist.

As a curator you can use Crosshair to stand out and provide something unique to your followers, while also keeping your playlist authentic and growing.  The chance to add undiscovered music to your playlist is valuable, yet finding which music and artists are right for your following is challenging. 

Crosshair is going to be a tool for you to find the best new music for your specific playlist. Once on the platform, we analyze information from your playlist’s data. Using this information we find the artists whose music appeals to a similar audience base. When we find the songs you want, we send them to your influencer profile on the Crosshair platform. 

For listening to 20 seconds of these songs and answering a few questions for the creator of the song, you get paid by us. When you hear a song that is perfect for your playlist, we connect you straight to the artist to discuss promoting each other. 

Use the Crosshair platform and you get paid to discover and support artists who you believe in and truly need the help. Think of Crosshair Music as the Discover Weekly playlist where your entire playlist makes up the taste profile. You will find tons of relevant music for your followers to help keep your playlist fresh and growing.



Three ways using music in your videos on YouTube will help grow your channel and keep viewers engaged.  


1.  Finding music creates an environment for your viewers, complete the narrative.

Picture watching a movie (say The Lord of The Rings) without its soundtrack. Without the suspense, the excitement, the sadness. In this scenario the emotional connection that music brings to the screen would all be lost. Music works this way because it subliminally tells the audience how they should feel. In movies, music paints a distinct narrative that helps viewers absorb the content easily and naturally. YouTube videos are no different.

Now think of your favorite TV show (Game of Thrones is a great example because of the iconic opening credit music). Anywhere you are, no matter what you may be doing, if you hear that song you associate it with the show. That’s definitely not an accident! That is the type of branding you can achieve for your channel using the right music for your audience.


2.  Keep viewers watching longer and engaging more.

No matter what type of video content you create, adding music will keep your viewers engaged and watching longer. Have you ever exercised with music playing? Time flies. Adding music to your videos during the intro, background, or transitions will keep viewers watching further into the video! Music sets the mood and keeps what you’re talking about interesting for viewers.

Background music also makes your channel look focused. Building up the amount of subscribers your channel has is all about reaching the people who value your opinion and the content you have to offer. I’m sure you’ve heard people say, “Find your niche”. Music will help give your videos a focused, directed feeling and assures viewers they are spending their time watching someone who cares about providing quality content. 


3.  Royalty-free music from real artists.

YouTube unfortunately does not allow content creators to use copyrighted music. Using this music will most times guarantee that a video is removed from the site. As a creator you are left with few options: Search through royalty-free music sites or use tools like YouTube Music, Soundcloud to sift through millions of songs. It’s difficult to find new, undiscovered, usable music that speaks to your audience. 

The alternative is to use the copyrighted music you love, but turn off monetization. Most YouTube creators who are serious about taking their content creating careers to the next level wouldn’t want that. 

So what do you do? 

Choose music for your videos using Crosshair.  

The best part about Crosshair as a music discovery platform is that you still have all the same creative capabilities to use music where you see fit for your videos. Crosshair is going to be a tool for you to find the best music for your specific audience. Once on the platform, we ask you simple questions about your channel’s viewer demographic (this info available to find on YouTube). Using this information we determine who your audience is and what type of music they like. When we find an artist that’s right for your channel, we send songs to your Influencer Profile on the Crosshair platform. 

For listening to 20 seconds of these songs and answering a few questions, you get paid by us. When you hear a song that is perfect for your video, we connect you straight to the artist to discuss promoting each other. Using the Crosshair platform you get paid to discover and support real artists who you believe in. You also get the ability to use hand-picked, royalty-free music that will help you grow your channel. Want to learn more? Apply here!



Here’s why you should be making music videos!



  1. By 2019, 80% of Global Internet Consumption will be video content. [SOURCE]

  2. The number of hours people spend watching videos on the internet is increasing 60% year-after-year. [SOURCE]

  3. Video posts average 62% more engagement than photos do. [SOURCE]

  4. 60% of marketing professionals utilize video marketing and 73% plan to increase their video usage. [SOURCE]

  5. Mobile video traffic will increase 55% percent per year until 2020. [SOURCE]

There you have it! Viewers are enjoying video content more than ever. It’s time to get out and start filming. Making music videos is easier than it has ever been!

Content creators like yourself will use Crosshair Music to discover the music that keeps their account exciting and professional, while also getting paid along the way to review songs. Check it out! 



Adding undiscovered artists to your Spotify playlist.

Discovering an undiscovered artists music (before anyone else) is a gratifying experience for any music lover. It’s so popular among listeners that Spotify has managed to grow their Fresh Finds playlist from under 100,000 followers to 399,000 followers. They’ve been using just this concept of adding what people haven’t heard yet. The playlist titled “Fresh Finds” has music crossing multiple genres. It features only the artists picking up steam in the streaming world. This can be a worthwhile strategy for growing your public playlists. The key here is trying to decipher which artists are on the rise and which are not. Therefore, you should be finding those artists who are actively growing their listener base. 

Which undiscovered music is right for your playlist?

Adding the music of an undiscovered artist to your playlist can be a risk. As a curator, all you have are the songs you pick to represent your playlist and your brand. How do you find songs that align with what your following will want to listen to? While you can’t predict what each individual user will like or dislike, using Crosshair you can discover new artists that bring value to your playlists.

Here’s how:

Crosshair Music, using your playlist’s data, analyzes your existing playlist. Based on which songs you’ve already chosen to add, we determine the demographic of users most likely follow your playlist. For artists we build the same audience profile based off of their existing music and audience. 

When there is an audience overlap, it means there is potential for an artist’s song to be received favorably by your followers. Crosshair will send you the songs that have this overlap directly to your Crosshair Influencer profile. Here you listen for the songs you like and the artists you believe in to add to your playlist. 

Curators like yourself will use Crosshair to discover the music that keeps their playlist fresh and current, while also getting paid along the way to review songs. Check it out.



Music Marketing Case Study – Influencer Alisha Marie 

Alisha is an influencer with 1.9 million Twitter followers. 2.5 million Instagram followers. Also, over 4 million YouTube Subscribers. Her YouTube channel offers DIY projects, fashion videos, life hacks, daily routines, and beauty vlogs. So, we know that her audience demographic is likely female. They are also 12-20 years olds interested in pop culture.

Her fans are outgoing, energetic, bubbly, fashionable, and humorous. Most are middle to upper class and might be seen taking polaroid photos on the beach. They enjoy drinks like the grande iced caramel macchiato from Starbucks. There is a bubblegum vibe that transcends beyond her lifestyle vlogs through consistent use of bright and neon colors.

We sampled 25 of Alisha Marie’s biggest fans to see if any patterns existed in the music they were listening to.

Here are the top five most common artists we found:

  1. Taylor Swift

  2. Hailee Steinfield

  3. Jason Derulo

  4. Ellie Goulding

  5. The Chainsmokers

By looking at the listening trends found within Alisha’s fan base, it is clear there is consistency in the type of music her audience enjoys. In a study conducted at Heriot-Watt University, over 36,000 thousand participants matched their personality type with their musical preference. So, researchers found that those who preferred pop music tend to be extraverted. They are also honest, hardworking, and have high self-esteem.

The consistency between what we know about Alisha Marie’s fan base being outgoing, humorous and energetic mirrors what these studies have shown. Also, the studies remain consistent in our findings of pop artist being the preference among her demographic. Therefore, there is a clear cut correlation between Alisha’s audience and mainstream pop-music. For Alisha this is a great indicator as to the type of music she should be featuring throughout her channel.

The Crosshair music platform is designed to match influencers with the music their audience prefers. We believe this will help to grow their followings, increase engagement, and position their brands among the people who value them the most.



First of all, hey!

Welcome to the Crosshair Music blog; we hope you enjoy our platform as much as we have enjoyed building it.

At Crosshair Music, we are committed to providing artists affordable access to top digital influencers. These include: 

  1. Spotify playlisters
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  3. Twitter and Instagram celebs
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We pride ourselves in creating paths for today’s artists to promote their music in an effective way.

As influencers, partnering with our artists will aim to increase engagement and growth for your audience in ways no other platform has done before. You’ll get compelling, undiscovered music AND get paid by us to review it. It’s a win-win for both sides! 

As an artist, social influencer, or music business professional it is in your best interest to take advantage of every opportunity to grow your digital footprint. Our posts will help you stay up to date with the ever-changing strategy of digital marketing. Follow along to learn about trends, useful platform tutorials, and valuable insight that will help you find great music and grow a loyal following.

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